Dagboek 1943 – 1945

door: A.G. Verhulst

Prisoner of war in Stalag IV-B (Mühlberg a/d Elbe)


During World War II, Ad Verhulst was kept as prisoner of war in the German prisoner of war camp Stalag IV-B (Stammlager) in Mühlberg a/d Elbe. On a daily basis, he wrote about his live in the camp, his encounters with college prisoners, his limited contacts with his family at home and how the war in general is experienced in the camp. The book covers the period from July 1943 until May 1945. He is made prisoner of war in Amersfoort and after the liberation by the Russian army, he left the camp and started his journey home.

Altogether, the book gives an insight view of living in the camp. Moreover, it is about the struggle for food, the struggle against diseases, the struggle against suppression and the struggle against boredom.

The page Diary is about the book and how to order the book.

The Blog Camp Friends is about personal contacts with fellow prisoners from other countries. Comments with additional information, e.g. from other diaries, are welkom.